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Hart Davis Hart Retail FAQ

I am a long time HDH buyer. Do I need to create a new account for
Yes. You may also reset your password with your existing email on file to setup your account more quickly. You will also need to update your credit card information if you would like to keep one on file. Please contact if you need assistance.

Does HDH ship wine domestically?
HDH does not ship wine domestically. Wine purchased from our Portland, OR location will be delivered to/collected by Portland Wine Storage, Inc. ((“PWS”), 306 SE Ash Street, Portland, Oregon 97214) as your agent per the terms and conditions of sale related to the purchase of wines through our Oregon location.

I am an existing HDH client with wine held in Chicago. How can I access this wine?

Can HDH ship internationally?
HDH will be happy to assist international buyers with shipments outside of the United States. Please contact customer service at

Who is PWS?
Portland Wine Storage is an industry leader in wine storage and logistics with a long history of providing exemplary service to their customers.

How will I know when my pre-arrival wines are in-stock?
Once your completed pre-arrival or futures order is collected by/delivered to PWS, you will receive an email notification. Once received by PWS, your orders will be available for you or your agent to pick up.

How long will you store my wine for free?
Once your HDH Portland order is transferred to PWS, you will have 30 days of free storage. PWS will collect storage fees for any orders not picked up within that timeframe.

Who can I contact with further questions?
All shipping and handling questions: Portland Wine Storage –
All wine questions or recommendations: Retail Sales Department –
Questions regarding payment: Accounting –
Everything else: Customer Service –

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