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Collection & Shipping Policies

Auction Collection & Delaware Cellar Information
Wine auction purchases may be picked up at our New Castle, DE cellar location during regular cellar hours*. Spirits auction purchases may be picked up at our Chicago cellar location during regular cellar hours. To avoid any possible delays upon your arrival, we ask for 48 hours’ notice for arrangement of an appropriate time.

250 Centerpoint Blvd, Dock 6
New Castle, DE 19720
Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday
Phone: 312-379-8609

Photo identification must be presented at the time of collection. If you have requested a proxy to pick-up on your behalf, you must notify HDH via email prior to the pick-up and your proxy must present photo identification. If these conditions are not met, HDH will not release your purchase.

* Auction purchases made before HDH’s February 2020 Auction of Finest & Rarest Wines are to be collected at HDH’s Chicago warehouse.

Auction Shipping
HDH does not ship any wine, spirit, or alcoholic beverage product purchased at auction. HDH shall have no liability or obligation for shipping or transporting any Property. HDH makes no representation, and assumes no obligation, with respect to the legality of shipping or transporting any Property, including alcoholic beverage products, into any jurisdiction. HDH does not assume any obligation or bear any responsibility whatsoever for applying for or obtaining any required permit(s) or license(s) for the shipping and transporting of any Property. HDH does not assume any obligation or bear any responsibility whatsoever in the event that the quantity of Property purchased exceeds the quantity of wine, spirits, or alcoholic beverage products that may lawfully be purchased and brought into a Buyer’s jurisdiction. Any loss or damages resulting from the shipping or transport of Property will be the sole responsibility and at the risk of Buyer. HDH is not responsible for any deterioration, damage, or loss to Property during transport. HDH strongly advises Bidders to investigate and understand the shipping and transport laws that apply to the Property.

HDH is not responsible for acts or omissions by HDH or others in packing or shipping. Packing and handling of Property by anyone, including HDH, is entirely at Buyer’s risk.

For information about shipping and delivery outside of the United States, please contact .

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